Since setting up our office in 1999, we are the only Italian law firm with a presence in Japan.

We are principally involved in assisting Japanese clients with interests in Italy and Italian clients with interests in Japan in their start-up operations (incorporating subsidiaries, registering branches, opening representative offices,  investing in joint ventures), M&A and, in general, in all kinds of business transactions between the two countries.

The office is staffed by trilingual legal and paralegal staff with valuable in-depth knowledge of the business dynamics between Italy and Japan.

The   country partner for Japan, Mr.  Adriano Villa, who is responsible for the Tokyo office, which he visits frequently, started his experience in Japan in 1986 and has been as of today, the only Italian lawyer ever admitted to practice there as a foreign-law attorney (“Gaikokuho-jimubengoshi”). 

Enokizaka Bldg. 3fl
1-12-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku
J-107-0052 Tokyo
tel: (+81) 3 35601241
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