The definition of digital agriculture – Roberto Bandieri, Ruralset

Roberto Bandieri


Agronomist, RICS Member, partner of a professional firm based in Modena; passionate about rural valuations. He tries to bring digital farming science to fields and he love data collection, and analysis of what the data reveal us. He loves to tell his knowledge and train young colleagues, farmers, businesses and people who want to get an idea of what is the agriculture and what it is connected to. He hope to help the farmers work in modern way.




VIDEO: The definition of digital agriculture – 26/07/019






The definition of digital agriculture


We are here to talk about digital agriculture, a term more appropriate than the use of precision agriculture. The definition of digital agriculture is very simple, it consists of doing the right things at the right time in the right place.

This means adopting a strategy, a strategy is a set of actions aimed at achieving a global result, which is to have better production in more correct time and better quality with great respect for the environment and to produce a greater profit for the farmer.

According to data from the smart agrifood observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Brescia in Italy today we have a value of precision agriculture that is close to about 350-400 million euros, has had a huge increase of + 270 % compared to the previous year when this value was set at 100 million.

So we have huge potential, compared to a world market of about 9 billion, so the Italian agriculture of digital precision is not a parenthesis without potential but can represent an important player, which can have and play a major role.


What is digital agriculture all about?


It means collecting data, processing them, and making decisions from them.

So we will need more and more instruments from the companies that produce them, fifth hardware world, from the advanced software, and above all we will need farmers capable of thinking about the future, ie to see agriculture as an activity absolutely oriented and brought to a near future that is already today.

So it is no longer a niche, even if today it is a niche in terms of the area cultivated in our country, but it is certainly the must towards which we must go.


Which are the protagonists of this story?


They are the companies that have to produce tools such as hardware and software for farmers, farmers who have to change the mental habit with which they have reasoned until now, and they need a trait d’union, a process fluidifier.

These figures, who will be born as digital farming specialists, will be those who help farmers to connect to farms, so this will certainly be the perspective of the future.