Personalised Rural Credit classification: the link between FinTech and the rural use of energy.
Nataliey Bitature, Ugandan entrepreneur, co-founder and Director at Musana Carts, Chief of Staff at Simba Group and Chief Executive Officer at Energrow.
Riccardo Ridolfi, co-founder of EnerGrow, co-founder and the CEO of Equatorial Power, Board of Directors of Umeme Ltd.

Uganda Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019
Mario Di Giulio
Kimberly Mureithi
Cheptum Toroitich

Mobile Money e la legislazione: un caso di studio in Uganda
David Mpanga, Senior Partner, Kampala Associated Advocates, Head – Finance, Corporate and International Transactions.

Financial Inclusion in Kenya
Young African Leaders Initiative: A Voice of Temba Kutondo
Everlyn Njoroge

Co-operative Societies in Kenya
Cryptocurrency Regulation in East Africa
Joy Njoroge