Pavia e Ansaldo with IDeA Agro in the entry in Ingino

Milan, 11 May, 2020 – The law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, with a team coordinated by the partner Alberto Bianco and made up of Nicoletta Botta, Giulia Favero, Francesco Vitella and Rosie Schifino assisted IDeA Agro, a thematic fund dedicated to investments in companies of the agricultural production chain, managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds Sgr S.p.A. and lead by the Managing Director Pier Felice Murtas. The transaction consisted in the execution of a binding agreement for the entry of IDeA Agro in the corporate capital of Ingino S.p.A. by means of a capital increase up to a maximum of 8,5 million euros, in which Pavia e Ansaldo covered all aspects: legal, contractual, labour and corporate structuring.

Ingino S.p.A., with offices in Atripalda (AV), is a leading company in the production, freezing, conservation and marketing in bulk of chestnuts and other fruit-based half-processed goods, with a yearly turnover of over 30 million euros.

With this transaction strengthening the patrimony, the fund will support the Ingino family in the acceleration of the growth of the company, through investments along all the production chain it operates in, aiming at consolidating its leadership role in its target market in Italy and abroad.

The Fund has been assisted, for the business part, by the advisory company Ettore Fieramosca, lead by the Partners Giuseppe Liso and Aurelio Latella, and for the accounting and tax part by Grant Thornton with two teams coordinated by the partner Stefano Marchetti and made up of Marco Degregori, Martina Cellana and Eleonora Bonomini for accounting aspects and by the partner Gianni Bitetti with Sara Flisi for the tax part.

In the context of the transaction, the Ingino family was supported by Prof. Bruno Meoli for the leagl part, and by Colombo & Associati for the financial part, with a team made up of the Partner Nicola Zambianchi and Gianmarco Caruso.