Milan, 14 June 2018 

Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo organized the event “Mobility E-volution – electrical mobility between necessary evolution and future opportunities” which will take place today, Thursday, 14 June, in Via del Lauro 7, Milan.

The ways and the timing with which the electrical mobility market will move forward will be the focus of this conference, which will deliver all tools necessary to understand how mobility is evolving, both from a technological point of view and from the point of view of the connected social behaviour.

This is for sure a “revolution” as it changes many perspectives of users and suppliers of products and services for mobility. The wants to present the “evolving” elements of this change, as the greater the knowledge of the starting points, factors for change and of the direction that the future of mobility will take, the greater the future opportunities for operators and investors of the sector.

The presentations will cover sustainable economy and green economy, two sectors which have recently developed strongly and cannot be ignored any longer, in light of the economic grow in this respect and also taking into account the lack of adjustment of the legislation in Italy as compared to the other countries of the European Union.

The conference will be opening with remarks by Carlo Del Conte, partner with law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, and will continue with the contributions from a number of speakers, leading personalities in the field of the Italian business economy such as Luca Lo Schiavo, Deputy Manager Infrastructures – ARERA, Alberto Zorzan, Operations Manager ATM Milan, Marco di Gregorio, Corporate Communication Manager – BMW Italia S.p.A., Marco d’Alimonte, Country Manager of Tesla Italy, Andrea Zaghi, Manager Affairs and Association Services of Elettricità Futura, Davide Damiani, Manager of External Relations Repower S.p.A..

Further input will be given by, among others, Laura Zanin, senior associate with law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, Massimo Gallanti, Manager of the Department Development Energy Systems – RSE S.p.A., Maria Luigia Partipilo, Responsible for Institutional Affairs Enel Italy – North area -, Massimo Trioni, Innovative Technologies Specialist A2A, Lorenzo Sessa, Manager New Downstream Iren S.p.A., Marco Codognola, General Manager Viscolube, Michele Zilla, General Manager Cobat, Mario Di Giulio, partner with law firm Pavia e Ansaldo and Claudio Grisanti, partner with law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, Francesco Cavallo and Vittorio Villa Co-Managers of Kairos International Sicav – Kairos Group.

“In Italy there is still much to do on a regulatory, infrastructural and social level for the development of electric mobility. The legislation is fragmented and still incomplete, but Legislative Decree 257/2016 defined the National Strategic Framework that puts electric mobility at the centre of the future of mobility also in our Country.
The future of electrical mobility involves, in fact, a variety of sectors and chains of production and services regarding vehicles, the infrastructure network and energy: from research and development to the recycle and re-use of components and batteries.
The “Automotive” and the other sectors involved will therefore have to evolve, adapt, regenerate and grow” – stated Carlo Del Conte, partner with law firm Pavia e Ansaldo – “To begin understanding the perspectives of this market for investors, consumers and, in general, for all those operating in the sectors linked with Electrical Mobility, get an idea of where we are, what has still to be done and where we can go, we have involved speakers representing major players in the sector who made themselves available to share their skills and experience. We hope this will lead to a contribution useful to let people know some aspects of a phenomenon which will necessarily mark our future and wake the interest of those willing, after this meeting, to continue along the path to better understand which opportunities one can take from the evolution of electrical mobility”.

“With this initiative we try to highlight, also from a legal point of view, a true technological and social revolution that is already taking place in other countries in the world and that in Italy is struggling to take off. Electrical mobility, where it becomes accessible to anyone, affecting citizens, can really act as a catalyst for the growth of awareness about environmental and urban sustainability, completing the new energy framework already outlined by renewable energies”, stated Laura Zanin, senior associate with Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo.