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Pavia e Ansaldo with Unindustria for “Road to Expo Dubai 2020 – The new frontiers of business for the Made in Italy”

Rome, 5 June 2018 – Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo and Unindustria gather some of the leading figures of the political and economic community to discuss new frontiers of business for the “Made in Italy”, in view of the next Expo Dubai2020. The event will be held today, Tuesday 5 June, starting from 6 pm in the Sala Inghilterra of Pavia e Ansaldo at Palazzo Torlonia.
The meeting intends to launch – in the presence of companies and institutional stakeholders – a viable approach for Italian companies in view of the next Universal Exposition, which will represent an important occasion to enhance the excellences of Italian style and strengthen the diplomatic, economic and cultural relationship with the United Arab Emirates, with perspectives of secure growth and development for the business activities of Italian companies.
The conference, the opening remarks to which will be given by Alessandro Comini, Of Counsel with Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, will be attended by important figures of the Italian business community represented on this occasion by representatives of Unindustria Lazio such as Gerardo Iamunno, Chairman of the Technical Group for Global Markets and the valorisation of the “Made in Italy”, Stefano Fiori, Chairman of the Department for Leisure and Tourism and Roberto Santori, Chairman of the Department for Advisory, Professional Activity and Professional Training.
The conference will be attended among others by Nicola Lener, Chairman of the Center for Internationalisation, MAECI, H.E. Saqer Nasser Ahmed Abdullah Al Raisi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Rome, Stefano Ravagnan, deputy Commission and Commissioner General of Section for Expo Dubai 2020, Mario Melillo, Head of Central and Southern ltaly SACE, Daniele Carminati, Responsible for the Middle East Desk and Turkey of Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo and Flavio Ghiringhelli, Country Manager for Italia Emirates.
“We are delighted to host this initiativee” – declared Daniele Carminati – “as we believe that the Emirates are by now a destination not to be missed for Italian companies that aim for international expansion and would like to develop their investments in the MENA area. The Dubai EXPO will be an exceptional event, which the local authorities are preparing for with all their means. In this respect we welcome the economic reform agenda announced by the Emirate of Dubai and aimed at attracting new foreign investors. Our Firm is more than prepared to assist Italian entrepreneurs who, thanks to the laws that will be passed by the end of the year, will be allowed to hold up to 100% of the shares in companies with registered offices in the Emirates with the issue of a 10 year visa”.
“Dubai Expo 2020 represents a very important occasion for our entrepreneurial environment” – declared Gerardo Iamunno, Chairman of the Technical Group for Global Markets and the valorisation of the “Made in Italy” of Unindustria – “Today’s conference will allow our SMEs to gain further knowledge of the advantages they can obtain if they look out to important foreign markets such as the Arab Emirates. In fact, these represent a commercial partner of great importance for Italy, which ranks seventh on a national scale in terms of export towards this Country. Dubai Expo 2020 is thus a very important world event which our companies must not miss”.