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Pavia e Ansaldo, the “MI-RO Four Tech Days, New Challenges in a Changing World” have started

From 26 to 29 November 2019 four days of events organized with the support of Assoimmobiliare, The Thinking Watermill Society and the World Legal Summit to discuss about technological innovation, challenges and opportunities for the world of business and of the legal professions


Milan, 26 november 2019 – Today the opening event of the “MI-RO Four Tech Days: New Challenges in a Changing World”, took place; the first of a series of events scheduled in Milan and Rome, from 26 to 29 november 2019, organized by Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo, My Governance and The Thinking Watermill Society with the support of the World Legal Summit.

Today’s conference “Technology Innovation: challenges and opportunities for business sectors and legal profession”, was held in the gorgeous venue of the Salonetto of Pavia e Ansaldo Law Firm; it was an occasion to examine in six panels the matter of technological innovation in the  real estate sector, of the new perspectives of the legal profession and of artificial intelligence as a supporting tool for the legal profession, of the Blockchain and of the digitalization processes in corporate management, data protection and cybersecurity as well.

In particular, this conference, organized with the support of Assoimmobiliare, The Thinking Watermill Society and the World Legal Summit, saw the participation of a number of speakers of international standing, players and experts of the sector.

Mario Di Giulio, Partner and Responsible of the Fintech Focus Group of Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo pointed out: “The series of meetings organized by the Firm, represents an occasion to meet and discuss about the new orientations and opportunities for the profession and for the business, in the light of the increasing influence of technological innovations. These events reflect the Firm’s commitment aiming at raising awareness not only in the players of the sector, but also in schools and universities through the organization of conferences, seminars and round tables”.

The meeting’s works were opened by Aileen Schultz, President of the World Legal Summit. The first panel was introduced by Silvia Rovere, President of Assoimmobiliare, on the subject “Technological Innovation: a new opportunity for the real estate sector”, who declared: “Technological innovation in real estate means mainly new opportunities of development and growth for the sector. Indeed, we are assisting at an acceleration in the application of technology in all the production chain, in order to answer to the new requests of end users, whether large corporations or private entities, actually fuelled by the diffusion of digital technologies. Technological infrastructures have indeed enlarged the variety of uses of properties: let’s just consider, for example, the paradigms of the sharing economy, such as co-living, co-working, flexibility in the organization of working spaces, and of the so-called circular economy, unfolding in eco-sustainable urban re-generation projects, all the way to e-commerce, which has re-designed the logistic chain and distribution in a really short time. The impact of technology is key also to improve the level of return of investment on properties, with important benefits for the investors’ galaxy”.

Afterwards, there were speeches by Andrea Ciaramella, Politecnico of Milan, on the Proptech topic; by Christian Motola, Property Manager Italy P3 Logistics Park, on logistics in the real estate sector: technological specifications and future trends of innovation; by Alessandra Grandoni, Pavia e Ansaldo, on Blockchain and smart contract in the real estate sector.

Speakers of the second panel were: Gabriele Girardello, Pavia e Ansaldo, on the AI and Intellectual Property subject; Antonio Davola, Luiss Guido Carli University, discussing about responsibility arising out of autonomous machines and Paola De Pascalis, Pavia e Ansaldo, on AI and judicial proceedings.

Within the third and fourth panel the matters relating to the new perspectives of the legal profession were addressed, with Aileen Schultz and Nicola Di Molfetta, Group Editor in Chief at LC Publishing Group (LegalCommunity), and relating to artificial intelligence as a supporting tool for the legal profession with Harry Pattinson, Legal Product Expert, Luminance.

During the fifth panel David Galea, CEO Beatconsult Limited, examined the matter of the blockchain with the case study on Malta – an ideal jurisdiction to finance technological innovations.

Davide Caiazzo, My Governance, took part as well on the topic of digitalization for the corporate management, along with Deborah Bolco, Pavia e Ansaldo on big data and data protection, and Pierguido Iezzi, Swascam, cybersecurity to ensure data protection.


The conference kicked off the series of events forecasting the following appointments: