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No antitrust fine for the cartel of the radio-taxis with Pavia e Ansaldo

Milan, 10 July 2018 – Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo – with a team coordinated by Filippo Fioretti and Marco Giustiniani and made up of Nico MoraviaMaria Rosaria Raspanti and Tommaso Massari – assisted three of the major Italian radio-taxi cooperatives (Radiotaxi Satellitare TaxiBlu 4040, Autoradiotassi 8585 and Pronto Taxi 6645) in two proceedings started by the Italian Antitrust Authority which were defined the “cartel of the radio-taxis” by the press.

Following the result of the two investigation procedures which had lasted over a year and a half, the Antitrust Authority, though assuming there was an agreement among the parties in place, decided to accept the defensive arguments of the parties and to not impose a fine (which could have been up to 10% of the annual income of the companies).

Autoradiotassi were also assisted by Davide Viganò and Dario Ippolito.

The following companies were also parties to the two proceedings:

  • Radiotaxi 3570 – assisted by Gian Michele Roberti, Guido Bellitti and Leopoldo Facciotti
  • Samarcanda – assisted by Maria Vertucci
  • Yellow Tax Multiservice S.r.l. – assisted by Gianpiero Zingari and Eleonora D’Orta.