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Sources from Amref reveal that only in Kenya, two million children suffer of malnutrition for poor feeding, the opposite of Wester countries where malnutrition is due to excess of feeding (as a matter of fact, malnutrition may be caused by unhealthy nutrition and this often unites population of most part of the world, regardless of the relevant level of growth/development).

On the 12th of June, in Rome, we will precisely talk about Africa where often the lack of water or the presence of uncontaminated water, in addition to energy, prevent the development of agriculture and the

preservation of harvests. The lack of knowledge of technologies or of the relevant resources, determines the difficulty of  obtaining edible harvests for the presence of contaminants, whether natural or not (common problem also in other countries of the world). The symposium is also focused on the importance of renewable energies, both in the relation energy-water-food and in the battle against climate change, the latter being the cause of nourishment deficiency.

This is the reason of the involvement of several participants in the symposium, from FAO to the European Union, from the research center of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture to various International, National and African firms.

The analysis will focus on what can be done under legal and scientific perspectives  and which technologies might be implemented, to solve the problem and generate investment opportunities for many Italian companies.

At the same time, we are also aware of the role that finance shall have in the sustainable development according to the guidelines indicated by the U.N. and by  the European Union and we have therefore conceived a dedicated panel where FAO, the European Investment Bank, Cassa depositi e prestiti, Standard & Poor’s and  BNL will participate.

Being also aware, after more than 50 years from the famous speech of Bob Kennedy on GDP (Gross Domestic Product), that living is not based only on economic growth and that the GDP is not the sole measure of wealth of a community but that other values shall be well considered, the  conference/convention will be improved also by the presence of the  Pontifical Academy of Sciences and of non-profit professional and organizations.

For a growth that assembles the economic growth to the wealth of human beings and to solidarity and that combines the value of business with ethics, causing a man to never be an island, all by himself but as a part of humanity.

Mario Di Giulio Head Desk Africa and partner of Pavia e Ansaldo

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