FinTech is getting more and more ahead in finance and almost every day it reveals new features and applications.

For this reason, we had the idea to launch the ‘PeA FinTech Syllabus’, a reasoned collection of some old and new words about FinTech, supplemented by some brief comments and comparison tables.

“Syllabus” is an “old-fashioned” term that we have chosen to remember that the financial phenomena have always benefited – at a different pace and with different accelerations – from what expertise allowed at a certain time, starting from the Babylonian mathematical tables (used for taking census and quantifying goods, as well as paying taxes), and next, inter alia, the Medieval bills of exchange and the algorithms and functions behind the financial models used for several purposes.

Our Giuseppina D’Auria and Marco Assisi, under the direction of the partner Mario Di Giulio, will work on the project, which is open to external contributions from other professionals and experts.

Click here and stay tuned!