Milan, 28 June 2019 - Pavia e Ansaldo assisted Mittel S.p.A. in the acquisition of an 80% stake in Disegno Ceramica S.r.l., a historical enterprise operating in the district of the bathroom furniture of Viterbo (North of Rome).

The transaction strengthens Mittel’s project to create around Ceramica Cielo S.p.A. a pole of excellence in the design sector characterized by a clear identity in different segments and products.

The acquisition was completed through the subholding company Mittel Design S.r.l. and was entirely financed with its own resources.

Pavia e Ansaldo, with partners Stefano Bianchi and Anna Saraceno and trainee Giovanni Gila, assisted Mittel for all the legal aspects, that were managed by Alessandro Fortuna for Disegno Ceramica S.r.l.’s shareholders.

Notary Simone Chiantini of the Studio Notarile Associato Mariconda Chiantini was in charge of the notarial aspects of the transaction.