Pavia e Ansaldo in the financing for the creation of Relife Group

Milan, 20 November 2018 – Pavia and Ansaldo, with partner Giuseppe Besozzi and counsel Maria Chiara Puglisi, assisted ReLife in the contractual aspects for the financing necessary for the creation of the group which was made through a series of acquisitions of the group Benfante – consisting of Benfante, Benassi, Ecolfer, Usvardi, Bergadano, Valfreddana Recuperi – and Cartiera di Bosco Marengo.

The financing through a bank loan of 88.5 million euro, structured into several lines and also aimed at furthering future growth, was granted by a pool of banks composed of Mps Capital Services Banca per le Imprese, as agent bank, Banco Bpm, Crédit Agricole Carispezia, Ubi Banca and Banca Imi. The group operates in Italy in collection, selection, compression and delivery to recycling of sortable waste.