Milan, May 2, 2018 - Zoom Corporation, a company listed on the Tokyo stock market, acquired a majority stake in Mogar Music S.p.A. of Lainate, Italy. Zoom is a manufacturer of audio and video recording devices, special sound effects for bass and guitar as well as electronic music digital instruments. Mogar Music distributes both in Italy and abroad instruments and other musical equipment, among which the products of Zoom itself. The transaction was carried out by Zoom through a combination of acquisition of shares and subscription of a capital increase of the target company. Zoom also secured an option for a further increase of its participation in the target company.

Zoom Corporation was assisted by a team of professionals of Pavia e Ansaldo led by Adriano Villa with Guido Broglio and Naoko Konishi. The sellers were assisted by Paolo Daviddi of Grimaldi Studio Legale.