First, and to date, the only Italian Law Firm with offices in Japan, the World’s third largest economy

On 5 November 2019, Pavia e Ansaldo celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of its offices in Japan. The event was hosted by the Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace at the ambassador’s residence in Tokyo. Pavia e Ansaldo is the first and to date only Italian law firm based in Japan, the World’s third largest economy.

In 1998, the office’s founder Adriano Villa obtained formal approvals by the Japanese Ministry of Justice as the first Italian Gaikokuho-jimubengoshi (“foreign lawyer”) in Japan and in 1999 formally established an operative office in Tokyo’s Akasaka area.

Adriano Villa’s first presence in Japan goes back to 1986, when he participated in a Master Program organised by the European Commission and was later involved in research with the Sophia University under the patronage of the Japanese Ministry of Culture. Subsequently he worked as associate with two of the most prestigious law firms in Japan.

Pavia e Ansaldo’s Tokyo Office (in close cooperation with the Japan Desk in Milan, which was established simultaneously) has assisted hundreds of Japanese enterprises with their investments and commercial activities in Italy and hundreds of Italian companies with their business in or with Japan. Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, start-up, international contracts and business-law counselling have been and still are the core activities  of the practice.

Besides Adriano Villa, who works out of both the Milan and Tokyo offices, the Japanese practice is being conducted by the Tokyo office’s attorney Mieko Hosaka, professor Andrea Ortolani and professor Michela Riminucci with the support of the office manager Ritsuko Itoh. In Milan Dr. Naoko Konishi and the attorneys Andrea Mangia and Guido Broglio are representing the practice. Pavia e Ansaldo’s Japanese ventures are supervised by the Managing Partner Stefano Bianchi, a firm supporter of a consistent development strategy for the Asian countries, notably Japan.

The event was attended by approximately 140 guests, among which many Japanese lawyers, representatives of the Japanese industry, diplomats and friends. To mark the occasion, Pavia e Ansaldo with the help of Sakuranoki Art Gallery, represented by its CEO Tomoko Iwaseki, donated the painting “the Countryside”, by Japanese artist Toshihide Konishi to the Italian Embassy in Japan.