For more than fifty years we have been united in our work by a common set of values which are the cornerstone of our work ethos.

Our lawyers, in their respective areas of specialization, are well known for the excellence of their work. Their careful recruitment, training, and continuing professional development guarantee a pool of new talent, both for the present and the future, matching the high level of quality expected from our firm.

The team spirit, passion and dedication that unite our large group of professionals, highly specialized in their various legal practice areas, enable us to act in the best interests and satisfy even the most complex needs of our clients.

As a traditional firm with an innate propensity for innovation, we have successfully evolved along with the evolution of our sector; we have embraced its challenges and, most importantly, have laid solid foundations for the future.

We fully adhere to the principles of legality, integrity, honesty and transparency required of the highest professional and ethical standards and our commitment to improving the society in which we live is an integral part of our work.