1950s - Enrico L. Pavia (1899-1979), after founding and running a law firm in Genoa, emigrating to the United States in 1938, and continuing his successful practice there and in London after the war, opens a Milan office of the New York firm of Fink & Pavia.

Giuseppe Ansaldo (1928-2010), hailing from his family firm in Genoa, becomes a partner in Fink & Pavia (subsequently Pavia & Harcourt).

1961 – Pavia e Ansaldo is established, with offices in Milan and Rome. From its inception, the firm specialises in the areas of Corporate, M&A, International Law and Litigation and within a few years is legal advisor to leading Italian and foreign businesses, especially American companies and those in countries with the Common Law system.

1978Litigation and Arbitration Department is consolidated by the transfer of Michele Capodanno from the Rome to the Milan office.

1998 – The Moscow office is opened, to assist our many clients who wish to expand their business in the Russian Federation.

1999 – Opening of the Tokyo office to assist our Japanese clients with investments in Italy and Italian clients doing business in Japan.

2004 – Opening of an office in Saint Petersburg to strengthen the firm’s established presence in the Russian Federation.

2016 – Opening of our Barcelona office.

For over 50 years, Pavia e Ansaldo has grown along with its clients, developing the human, professional and cultural assets bequeathed by its founders and playing a major part in the most important economic and financial transactions in Italy.