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First Capital climbs up to 25% of ICF in partnership with Riello: Giliberti Triscornia and Pavia e Ansaldo the law firms involved

Milan, 29 January, 2021 – First Capital, through V.F. Adhesives, entirely owned investment vehicle, increased by 5% its sharing held in Industrie Chimiche Forestali. As an effect of this transaction, V.F. Adhesives holds no. 1,801,000 shares in ICF, corresponding to 25% of the corporate capital.


The transaction was executed in partnership with Riello Investimenti Partners SGR, which, through the private debt fund Impresa Italia, has entirely underwritten the debt securities released by V.F. Adhesives in the amount of euro 5 million.


First Capital was assisted for legal matters by law firm Giliberti Triscornia e Associati, which acted through lawyers Chiara Cella and Francesco Cartolano. Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr was assisted for legal aspects of the transaction by Pavia e Ansaldo with a team composed by Giuseppe Besozzi, Maria Chiara Puglisi and Erica Lepore.