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EPI acquires Isole e Olena in Chianti Classico. The advisors

Milan, 7 June, 2022 – The French group EPI, referring to Christopher Descours, has acquired from the De Marchi family Isole & Olena, a historical and well known winery of Chianti Classico.


EPI was assisted for all legal and tax aspects by LCA Studio Legale, with a team led by Nicola Lucifero, with the cooperation of Daniele Ferrone and Clarissa Macchi for all corporate and agri-food law aspects, of Davide Valli for the financing part, with Luca Liberti and Giancarlo Aiello, along with Ranieri Romani for labour law aspects, Gianluca De Cristofaro for intellectual property profiles, Leonardo De Vecchi for the administrative law, Maria Carla Barbarito in the context of succession law.


The shareholders of Isole & Olena were assisted for the legal part by the Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo with Giuseppe Besozzi and Martina Bosi, while Kon Group, with Fabrizio Bencini and Matteo Mancaluso, managed the strategic advisory profiles.


Orrick Italia advised the banks involved in the transaction – Crédit Agricole and Unicredit – with a team composed by Marina Balzano, Giulio Asquini and Valentina Bombino.


Notarial aspects were managed by ZNR notaries with the notary Filippo Zabban supported by Andrea Pegolo.


Through the investment in the historic estate of Isole & Olena EPI’s development in the viticulture sector in Italy goes on, after the acquisition in 2017 of the historical winery of Biondi Santi.