Francesco Bruno presented his book “Food law in the global context: a comparison between the USA and the EU” at Palazzo Madama

Rome, 23 January 2018 – In the prestigious setting of the press room of the Senate, Prof. Francesco Bruno, partner and co-head of the Environment Department of the law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, has presented the book “Food law in a global context: a comparison between the USA and the EU”. The work fills an important gap in the Italian legal landscape by reviewing the history of the evolution of US food law in detail and which, ideally, induces other experts in the field to anticipate a common food law.
During the meeting, which was opened by Senator Massimo Caleo, Vice President of the Environmental Commission of the Senate and in the presence of the Undersecretary for Justice Cosimo Ferri, and in which many Italian academics and experts in the field participated, also the book “European and Global Food Law” curated by Professors Luigi Costato and Ferdinando Albisinni was presented.
The regulatory systems for food-safety of the United States and of the European Union are not incompatible. They do in fact have a number of points in common and the two legislations are in dialogue and are influencing each other. On the other hand, they are still quite different in their recognition of the “environmental value” of food and its link with the territory” – Prof. Francesco Bruno commented.