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Pavia e Ansaldo with Threestones Capital for the acquisition of the eleventh residence in Spain


Barcelona, 19 July, 2022 – The Law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, with a team composed by the partner responsible of the Barcelona office, Meritxell Roca Ortega, and by the associates Javier Vicente and Adriano Belloni, assisted the Lux fund manager Threestones Capital Management S.A. in the acquisition of the residence for the elderly ‘Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe’ (Cáceres) by the fund TSC Eurocare IV Real Estate Fund, recently established, through which Threestones enlarged to eleven its portfolio of nursing homes for the elderly in Spain.

Threestones Capital Management S.A. is a management company specialising in Real Estate operating under the supervision of the Luxembourg financial authorities (CSSF), in compliance with the European financial laws. The transaction represents the eleventh investment of the fund in Spain, started with the acquisition, in 2018, of the residence Cambrils Suite in the province of Tarragona and continued at the beginning of this year with the acquisition of the residences CleceVitam Otazu (León) and Palacio de Leceñes (Asturias). All the transactions are included in the context of an investment strategy throughout the Spanish territory.