Coronavirus: Legal Guidelines italy


In order to cope with the emergency caused by the pandemic spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (so-called coronavirus), a series of exceptional rules have been issued with the aim of, on the one hand, containing the contagion and minimizing the risk of further spread of the Covid-19 disease and, on the other hand, mitigating its negative repercussions on the national economy.

Pavia e Ansaldo has set up a multidisciplinary team of professionals, in order to examine the new emergency legislation in its various fields of application. The aim is to provide targeted support to companies (Italian and foreign that have business relations with Italy) in order to allow orientation in the changed regulatory framework, in relation to both compliance and protection tools aimed at ensuring business continuity.

The Firm has prepared some synthetic vademecums and information documents, which will be constantly updated in the light of the provisions issued from time to time, on the most relevant topics, such as employment matters and health and safety at the workplace, data protection, tax matters.


The legislation applicable at a national level can be viewed by clicking on this link. Also the provisions of the Regions, Municipalities and other local authorities must be taken into consideration.

Legal Alert


2020Fulvio Maria PalombinoGolden Power e Power to Regulate a fronte dell’emergenza sanitaria: due facce della stessa medaglia, in DEMOCRAZIA E DIRITTI SOCIALI – Pandemia, normazione dell’emergenza e modelli d’intervento socio-economici, Edizioni Università di Cassino, a cura di Giancarlo Scalese

The professionals of the Coronavirus emergency team of Pavia e Ansaldo remain available for any need and can be contacted at the following email address

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