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Brugola OEB returns 100% in the hands of the Brugola family

Milan, April 19, 2024 – Brugola, an Italian multinational manufacturer of screws for the automotive sector, is returning – after 34 years – 100% ownership of the Brugola family group, which has finalized a strategic transaction to buy back minority shares. In detail, it regards 80% of the shares in the holding company A.B.F. srl, owned by the two partners A. Agrati spa and Fontana Finanziaria spa.

Back in 2018, the company managed to obtain the exit of Fondo Italiano di Investimento, which held a stake in Brugola OEB since 2015 and which was activated to support the opening of the U.S. office. The current transaction further reinforces the intention to keep the company shares within the family.

Assisting the group in the transaction were Deutsche Bank S.p.A. for financial support, Andersen with a team composed of Alessio Gambuzza, Paola Pellegrini and Matilde Fassio as Debt advisor and Maricla Pennesi, Letizia Carrara, Giovanni Gallucci and Marianna Casale for the tax aspects of structuring the transaction.

Legal and corporate/antitrust issues were followed by Studio Legale Pavia e Ansaldo with a team coordinated by the lawyer Guido Broglio.