The Firms Pavia e Ansaldo and Biscozzi Nobili Piazza in the transaction for the entry in the capital of the Zenit Group of the Japanese multinational Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Milan, 3 October, 2022 – The Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo, with a team composed by the lawyer Adriano Villa (country Partner for Japan) and by the lawyer Alessandra Grandoni (Counsel), assisted Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd (“Tsurumi Pump”), a Japanese multinational company listed in the first segment of Tokyo’s stock exchange and a leader in the production and distribution of electric pumps, for the corporate aspects under Italian law regarding the entry of Tsurumi Pump in the corporate capital of Zenit International S.p.A., the Italian holding of the Zenit Group operating in the sector of submergible electric pumps. The investment in the Zenit Group was implemented in the context of a strategic alliance agreement signed by Tsurumi Pump and the Zenit Group in 2019.


Moreover, the Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo assisted Tsurumi Pump on Golden Power profiles of the  transaction with the lawyer Filippo Fioretti (Partner – Responsible for the Antitrust and Competition Department and for the FDI Focus group) and with the lawyer Maria Rosaria Raspanti (Senior Associate), and o tax aspects as well with Mr. Giuseppe Alessandro Galeano (Partner) and Mr. Niccolò Poggio (Counsel).


The Legal and Tax Firm Biscozzi Nobili Piazza assisted the Zenit Group along with its Italian shareholders and top management with a multidisciplinary team composed by the lawyer Enrico Valerio (Partner) and the lawyer Sergio Chisari (Senior Associate), for legal and corporate matters and by Mr. Luigi Garavaglia (Partner) for tax and financial aspects, with the supportive collaboration of Ms. Alice Galimberti (Associate) from SCC – Analisi e Valutazioni di Azienda.