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Pavia e Ansaldo wins before the Court of Justice against buses in local public transport

Milan, 17 February 2014 – Pavia e Ansaldo represented the principal unions in the public local transport sector, alongside the Italian state, defending the correctness of governmental and regional regulations adopted against continuing abuse in the business activity of taxis and NCC’s.

With two judgments handed down on February 13, 2014, the Court of Justice confirmed that Italian regulations governing private local public transportation are in line with European rules. The decision, which decided a basic point raised by TAR Lazio (Regional Administrative Court), in addition recognized the exclusive jurisdiction of Italy in the matter and the absence of any violation of free competition.

The case was followed by Nico Moravia, head of the Administrative Law department, and Marco Giustiniani.

Marco Giustiniani and Nico Moravia explain that “This confirms the principal of territoriality which, therefore, is not violating any laws of the European Union. In the same manner, all questions as to a possible violation of competition law were declared inadmissible and therefore irrelevant”.

In parallel with the cases before the Court, the regulations in question recently led several public prosecutors to open criminal investigations aimed at reprimanding connected activity of corruption allegedly involving numerous local public administrations in Central and Southern Italy.