Pavia e Ansaldo protects Lectra’s software before the Venice courts

Milan, 4 April 2017 – Pavia e Ansaldo with Senior Partner Gian Paolo Di Santo, head of the Industrial and Intellectual Property Department and senior associate Gabriele Girardello represented the French Group Lectra, a world leader in integrated cutting technology solutions for firms that use fabrics and composite materials, particularly in the luxury sector, in a legal proceeding against a series of companies of the textile sector in the Rovigo province which were using the Group’s software without authorization.

The case started in 2014 with a very detailed description procedure without hearing the other party and continued on the merits with an in-depth discovery procedure. The Court of Venice – Specialized Corporate Section – with judgment issued in March 2017 held that the software were not automatically incorporated in the cutting machinery but for its use the utilizer had to hold a valid license. The court furthermore awarded damages in an amount of a reasonable royalty.

The judgment is among the first to rule on the circulation of software after the European Court of Justice and the Italian Supreme Court recently decided on the matter.