Pavia e Ansaldo for “whistleblowing: opportunities and criticital points for companies”

Milan, 31 January 2018 – The new legislation of law 179/2017 on whistleblowing, i.e. the reporting illegal activities on the part of officers in public administration or employees in private enterprises, have been at the focus of the conference “Whistleblowing: opportunities and critical points for companies” which was held today in the Milan offices of Pavia e Ansaldo.

Mario Di Giulio
 made the introduction and pointed out that “Many private enterprises already introduced effective systems of whistleblowing, which in fact protect the anonymity of the reporting party: this way a business culture is created which entails a re-evaluation of rules and procedures (and the request that everybody abide by them) as protection of the business assets in a broad sense (tangible assets, intangible assets and the prosperity of the people who are a part of them, which are achieved through hard work): in this perspective compliance will be no longer considered as a merely tolerated control system, but a tool to shield everyone’s goods”.

Francesco Salvi
 gave an overview of the applicable sanctions giving a short description of the first whistleblowing experiences in the USA.
Whistleblowing, compliance and models 231 (Corporate Compliance law) were the focus of Lorenzo Di Vecchio’s, Compliance Manager with Fendi’s, address.

Alessandra Grandoni focused on the limitations of the protection of the reporting party as deterrents from abusive uses of whistleblowing as well as on the requirements of the reporting such as the principle of justifications and the certainty of the reported facts.

Deborah Bolco spoke on the repercussions of the legislation on privacy protection with a particular focus on the conditions for lawfulness of the processing of the data of the reported party.
Cosimo Pacciolla, Legal Manager Q8, dealt with liabilities and organizational profiles from the point of view of the enterprise.
Francesco Bruno’s contribution closed the Conference.

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