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Pavia e Ansaldo for “Uganda”: Investment and Trade Hub for East Africa


Pavia e Ansaldo for “Uganda”: Investment and Trade Hub for East Africa

Business forum on opportunities and benefits for Italian businesses in Uganda

Milan, 20 June 2017

Business opportunities for Italian companies in Uganda were the focus of the second business forum “Uganda: Investment and Trade hub for East Africa” organized in Rome by Studio Legale Pavia e Ansaldo, the Uganda Embassy and Confindustria Assafrica e Mediterraneo.

The forum, the first part of which was moderated by Pier Luigi D’Agata, General Manager of Confindustria Assafrica e Mediterraneo, was opened by an institutional welcome by Grace Akello, Uganda’s Ambassador in Italy, Marco Claudio Vozzi, Plenipotential Minister, Vice Central Manager for Sub-Sahara African countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by Christopher Kibanzanga, Uganda’s Agricultural Minister.

The panel dedicated to infrastructure, agriculture and energy, moderated by Gerardo Iamunno, President of Small Industry Committee in Unindustria and Vice President Unindustria, delegated to global markets, saw the participation, among others, of Pietro Ginefra, Senior Director –Economic Services and International Relationships of Banca d’Italia, Salvatore Rebecchini, President of Simest, Massimo Meliconi of Iccrea BancaImpresa SpA, Dave Chalila, Responsible for Africa and Sub-Sahara of Sace (Cdp Group) and Giorgio Ficcarelli, Principal Director of the General Management of International Cooperation and of Development of the European Commission.

At the session dedicated to concrete cases moderated by Attorney Mario Di Giulio, partner in the law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, representatives of Enel Green Power of Europe, North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa and Asia, Absolute Energy and Laura De Gara, Professor and representative of Sanum of Università Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.

The business forum saw the participation of a delegation of 18 Uganda enterprises, which came to Italy to present the possibilities offered by the Country to Italian enterprises and the knowledge of those available for Uganda investors.

Uganda, strategically positioned between East Africa and the Great Lakes region, qualifies as a real hub for investments and commercial commerce within the Community of East Africa nations. The Country’s growth was estimated at 5.1% this year to reach 5.8% next year, also through large infrastructural projects announced by the government and the development plan which aims to become an average income in the next 30 years. “Today’s signature of the Protocol of the Agreement between Confindustria Assafrica e Mediterraneo and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uganda opens the road for greater interactivity between Italian and Uganda enterprises”, stressed Pier Luigi D’Agata, Director General of the Confindustria System.

The speakers concentrated, also within the “Compact with Africa”, on the G20 initiative to promote private investments in the continent, on the investment opportunities such as railroads and roads, the mechanization of agriculture and plants for the production of energy from renewable sources and the contribution that the Italian system may furnish to the development of the Country and the continent.

“Through our African desk, we can provide assistance to international institutions and Italian and foreign clients interested in investment projects in the entire continent, having developed valuable experience over the years. Uganda, in particular, is always a more strategic country to assist East African markets, also considering the political stability and the high degree of economic growth” affirmed Attorney Mario Di Giulio, partner and responsible for the African Desk of the Pavia e Ansaldo law firm