Pavia e Ansaldo and Giliberti Triscornia for the entry of Kordsa in Microtex


Milano, 27 April, 2022 – Kordsa, a company specializing in reinforcement technologies belonging to the Turkish group Sabanci, entered the capital of Microtex Composites, a company of the group Becagli, specializing in the production of fabrics and advanced composites.

Kordsa was assisted in the operation by the law firm Pavia e Ansaldo, with the partner Daniele Carminati and the counsel Chiara Andreotti, supported by the associate Giorgia Daniele and, for administrative and environmental aspects, by the associate Giampaolo Grechi. Labour law aspects and the drafting of the agreements with the management were cared for by the partner Valentina Simonelli; antitrust and Golden Power aspects were managed by the partner Filippo Fioretti and the associate Maria Rosaria Raspanti; IP aspects by the counsel Arianna Paternicò and the real estate ones by the associate Alessia Tonini.

The law firm Giliberti Triscornia e Associati supported the vendors with Camilla Peri and Tommaso Carcaterra and, for Golden Power profiles, Lodovico Montevecchi, along with Oscar Bianchi for labour law aspects; moreover, the vendors were assisted in the economic and tax aspects of the negotiation by the Firm Spini in the person of Andrea Spini.