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Greener Litigation arrives in Italy: Pavia e Ansaldo is the first signatory


By adhering to the Greener Litigation Pledge, the Law Firm undertakes to adopt active measures to reduce the impact on the environment of dispute resolution in Italy


Milan, 19 October, 2022 – Greener Litigation, a group of professionals of the legal sector actively committed to reducing the impact on the environment in the resolution of disputes and litigation carried out in the Courts of England and Wales, announced today the launch of the Greener Litigation Pledge Italy, with Pavia e Ansaldo as the first signatory.


The expansion of the initiative at an international level marks a significant step forward for Greener Litigation, whose goal is to cooperate with lawyers globally aiming at creating further connections in non-UK jurisdictions promoting dispute resolution which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Greener Litigation Italia was born thanks to the interest of the Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo, which asked to join the initiative opening a dialogue with the creators of the movement and recognizing the success of the Greener Litigation Pledge, which counts to date 77 signatories.

In particular, while a part of the organizations based outside the UK have chosen to proceed just with the underwriting of the Greener Litigation Pledge, the path inaugurated by Pavia e Ansaldo with the establishment of Greener Litigation Italia allows national legal organizations choosing to adhere to the manifesto, to commit to introducing purposeful changes for the exercise of the profession in the Italian jurisdiction.


By underwriting the Pledge, Pavia e Ansaldo takes active steps to reduce the environmental impact during the process of dispute resolution in Italy, committing to minimize CO2 emissions generated by the production of paper documents and the impact of international travel.


Olivia Wybraniec, Managing Associate Barrister of Mishcon de Reya and a member of the Steering Committee of Greener Litigation, commented: “We are excited to announce the launch of the Greener Litigation Pledge in Italy. Climate change is an issue with no borders, so we can only be enthusiastic about the Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo choosing to undertake this important commitment and becoming the first signatory, leading the way in reducing the impact of CO2 emissions related to legal activities with Italian professionals.”


Roberto Oliva, a Partner of Pavia e Ansaldo, commented: “We are very proud of representing Italy in the launch of the Greneer Litigation Pledge and we commit to promoting it in our jurisdiction, since we strongly believe in the goals proposed by this manifesto.  Pavia e Ansaldo has contributed in the shaping of the Italian legal profession in the XX century and it is ready to do the same in the XXI century as well, facing new challenges such as the inevitable need to reduce  the environmental impact, preserving the planet both for ourselves and for future generations. This strong will confirms the longstanding commitment of the Law Firm  towards sustainability and safeguard and care for the environment, and we sincerely thank Mishcon de Reya for having involved Pavia e Ansaldo in this important initiative.”.