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Green Oleo S.p.A. becomes a Benefit Company, the advisors: Pavia e Ansaldo and Milano Notai

Milan, April 30, 2024 – At its annual meeting held on last April 23, Green Oleo S.p.A., a company listed on Euronext Growth Milan, acquired the status of a Benefit Company pursuant to Law no. 208 of December 28, 2015, by amending its bylaws with the integration of common benefit within its corporate purpose, which now also reflects the nature of the company’s core business, its recent adherence to the UN Global Compact as well as a series of corporate practices and conducts – including certified ones (see Product Carbon Footprint and Ecovadis certification), which in themselves reflect a concrete focus on sustainability.

By assuming the status of a Benefit Company, Green Oleo enriches its corporate purpose with a commitment to operate responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards its employees, the environment by promoting the circular economy, its own chain of community and territory, and last but not least the capital market and investors with the aim of achieving one or more positive effects or the reduction of negative effects in the performance of its business activities.

Becoming a Benefit Company means for Green Oleo to continue its path, which began with the preparation of the sustainability report, and to evolve it gradually and by steps aimed at implementing ESG policies and strategies, which are essential to enhance an already sustainable DNA for the company’s competitiveness in the EGM market.

The company was assisted for corporate law profiles by the firm Pavia e Ansaldo with Milena Prisco, Partner and Head of ESG, the notarial profiles were handled by Notary Stefania Anzelini of Milano Notai.