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The Italian Government, after the temporal extension set by Decree n. 137/2020 – which extended the application of the Italian Golden Power regime in strategic sectors to EU entities until 30th June 2021 –, has adopted two regulations which better identify the scope of application of the Italian Golden power legislation.


The first regulation (set by Decree no. 179/2020) identifies and specifies the relevant assets and relationships in sectors of national strategic relevance listed in Article 4 of EU Regulation 2019/452, which includes energy, transport, water, health, communications, media, data processing or storage, aerospace, defence, electoral or financial infrastructures, and sensitive facilities, as well as investments in land and buildings essential for the use of such infrastructures.


The second regulation (set by Decree no. 180/2020) updates and identifies additional assets of strategic relevance in the energy, transport and electronic communication sectors.


Both regulations will enter into force next 14th January.


For further information please contact our focus team: Avv. Filippo Fioretti, Avv. Marco Giustiniani, Avv. Mia Rinetti


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