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Data Protection in East Africa

Data protection aims at greatly safeguarding the right to privacy and this is a matter that is of utmost importance in the current digital age.


This is especially important as the global economy is a digital economy and hence it is heavily reliant on digitization in order to leverage its economic success.


The right to privacy lies squarely at the centre of data protection and, therefore, a proper understanding and safeguarding of data protection in the digital age may be fulfilled only by properly understanding the right to privacy.


Privacy is a term that has over the years taken on different meanings.


Privacy in today’s technological age is much different from the privacy envisioned by our forefathers, which undoubtedly affects the direction in which data protection is legislated and enforced nationally, regionally and internationally.


This paper aims at providing a good comprehension, contrasts and comparisons of the enforcement of data protection in the East African Community (EAC) vis-à-vis in the European Union (EU) by analysing the community law in both areas.


This paper will also make reference to some indicative practices in Kenya, the most progressive state in the EAC regarding all data protection matters.


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