The firm has been providing advice in litigation and arbitration matters since its very foundation. Today we continue to do so, assisting private individuals, Italian and foreign businesses, multinationals and financial institutions in their civil, corporate, and commercial disputes.

We focus especially on matters relating to:

  • Ordinary civil litigation in all relevant competent courts and before the Supreme Court
  • Arbitration (institutional and ad hoc), with vast experience also as arbitrators.

In both civil litigation and arbitration, we place particular emphasis on the pre-litigation phase, where our aim is to enable clients to make informed choices by providing them with an accurate evaluation of risks, costs, and time-frames and, therefore, the benefits of taking a case though the courts as compared with out-of-court settlement options.

We have specific expertise and experience in dealing with disputes related to corporate law, post-acquisition controversies, commercial agreements (tenders, distribution, agency, bank and insurance contracts, unit-linked policies), insurance contracts, tort, product liability, class actions, antitrust, as well as real estate, insolvency, environment, inheritance, and asset protection matters.

We have an established reputation in both ordinary and arbitral international dispute resolution (we advise Italian and foreign clients in cases before foreign courts or arbitration proceedings where there is a strong element of Italian law) and in handling matters related to conflicting laws or jurisdictions.


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