We advise Italian and foreign companies and multinational groups in the food and beverage sector, in the distribution of perishable goods sector, and Italian and European food producers’ associations and institutions.

Our specialist services cover all judicial matters related to civil, administrative and criminal aspects of the food sector, providing counsel in court and assisting management in the ordinary and extraordinary running of their businesses.

We have specific expertise in the following areas of the industry:

  • Regulations governing the production and ingredients of foodstuffs and hygiene
  • Market law and unfair competition concerning foodstuffs (before the courts and AGCM – the Italian Competition Authority)
  • Compliance of food production and retail premises with regulation (EC) no. 178/2002
  • Labelling, branding and distinguishing marks of quality, and related commercial disputes
  • Food advertising (commercials, story-boards and relationships with advertising agencies)
  • Damages claims relating to harmful or unsuitable foods
  • Food crime lawsuits involving harm to health and commercial food fraud
  • Novel foods and genetically modified organisms
  • Allergens and product contamination
  • Workplace safety and protection of the environment
  • Protection of industrial and intellectual property in the food industry
  • Internal (audit) and external (due diligence) evaluation of food quality and safety.

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23/01/2018 - Presentazione del nuovo libro di Francesco Bruno “Il diritto alimentare nel contesto globale: USA e UE a confronto”

18/11/2016 - Diritto finanziario, sviluppo del territorio e settore agro-alimentare
19/11/2016 - Diritto finanziario, sviluppo del territorio e settore agro-alimentare