Our Environment and Safety Department combines the expertise of over fifteen years’ of professional experience with high scientific standards in a constantly evolving sector whose regulations are particularly complex and difficult to interpret.

Our specialist services cover all judicial matters related to protection of the environment and public health, be they civil (representing both claimants and defendants in damages claims involving harm to the environment, contractual liability and tort), administrative (sanctions, authorization procedures, relations with the public administration, and appeals) or criminal (environmental offences), providing counsel in court and assisting management in the ordinary and extraordinary running of their business.

The team deals specifically with the following:

  • Waste management, landfill sites incinerators and waste-to-energy plants
  • Conversion and development of disused areas
  • Reclaiming of contaminated sites
  • Water and waste water management
  • Environmental, noise, and electromagnetic pollution
  • Implementation of CO2 emissions trading regulations
  • Management, settlement and compensation claims relating to environmental damage
  • Dangerous substances, asbestos, and substances subject to REACH
  • Environmental compatibility studies (VIA, VAS and assessment of environmental implications) and relevant authorization procedures
  • Issue and renewal of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (AIA) permit
  • Application of regulations governing urban planning, landscape and the environment restrictions, and protected areas
  • Fossil, nuclear, alternative and renewable energy
  • Protection of public health, the health of workers and the safety of buildings, production plants and construction sites 
  • Internal (audit) and external (due diligence) evaluation of environmental risks.