The department is made up of a team of professionals with vast, consolidated, specific experience in the field of employment law, industrial relations, social security and health and safety in the workplace.

We advise our Italian and overseas clients and multinational corporations in the energy, industry, finance and commerce sectors in managing relations with human resources, in industrial relations and in company reorganization procedures (including lay-off procedures, managing redundancies, negotiating “second level” collective agreements). We work closely with the other departments in the firm, our multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach enabling us to find the most practical and effective employment solutions.

We advise investors and target companies and their shareholders on all aspects of employment law in extra-ordinary company transactions (mergers, demergers, contributions of assets and transfers of undertaking).

We provide comprehensive coverage of complex employment-related litigation, including union and social security issues.

The core services of our Employment Law department include:

  • Day-to-day advice on human resources: from procedures for hiring employees and consultants (particularly top management and members of the sales network), to everyday personnel management (transfers, disciplinary procedures, changes in job description and duties), to termination of employment (individual dismissals, resignations and termination by mutual agreement)
  • Advising on the management of remuneration policies and drafting relevant contracts (stock option and stock grant plans, MBO, etc.)
  • Managing the legal and union-related aspects of extraordinary company transactions
  • Advice and assistance regarding reorganizations, “mobilità” (dismissed employees in receipt of fixed-term unemployment benefit), redundancy, collective dismissals, “cassa integrazione” (fund for wage guarantee during (temporary) lay-off) procedures, “solidarietà” agreements (reduced working hours job-security and job-creation agreements)
  • Management of disputes concerning work agreements, both in the pre-litigation phase and before the courts at all levels, including the negotiation of settlements
  • Advice and assistance in matters of social security (e.g., pension schemes; social security related disputes, etc.)
  • Advice and assistance in matters relating to safety in the workplace (e.g., company appointment of safety officers; safety organizational models; disputes concerning accidents in the workplace, etc.).

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