The Compliance department at Pavia e Ansaldo consists of a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals within a context of close integration of expertise providing assistance aimed at defining and developing an efficient and effective corporate governance, with particular respect to the following fields:

  • State aid and public tenders.
  • Regulatory compliance: definition of the operational mechanisms of the Management Bodies; establishment and regulation of governance and monitoring committees; definition and monitoring of the internal control system and risk management in line with international best practices and reference guidelines (risk mapping, gap analysis, POS control, information flows, whistleblowing systems); drafting of the organisational, Management and control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01; monitoring of anticorruption at a national and international level. Organization of training activities for executives and employees with regard to the knowledge and application of the Model under Legislative Decree no. 231/01. The Pavia e Ansaldo team avails itself of professionals with expertise in corporate governance and having knowledge of the company dynamics in order to draft internal procedures that may be functional to the actual clients’ demands and resorting, in specific cases, to the collaboration of senior retired judges. In addition, the professionals of the Firm are or have been members of the Supervisory Board pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 in leading national companies and multinationals, both Italian and foreign.
  • Corporate criminal law – judicial and extra-judicial assistance in all the areas of corporate criminal law, with reference to the guidelines under Legislative Decree 231/01, the related sector legislation and the topic of internal control.
  • Regulated sectors: assistance to companies operating in regulated sectors (telecommunications, energy/utilities, pharmaceuticals, defence, transport, safety, environment, aviation) on regulatory and compliance issues.
  • Product liability: assistance in implementing the procedures in order to make products compliant with labelling, tagging and advertising regulations in the field of food products, fashion and consumers’ goods.
  • Compliance programmes and specific training courses with the aim to implement and manage the business models aimed at minimising the risks of legal action due to anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Privacy: assistance and consultancy in the processing of personal data in the healthcare context; for statistical and scientific purposes with particular reference to scientific research in the medical field and to clinical trials of medicinal products, as well as the collection, keeping and handling of genetic information and biological samples; in the banking, financial and insurance sectors; in the management of the employment relationship; with electronic devices using imaging technology (video surveillance systems) and of the geographical position (geolocation systems), through websites applications and related issues in respect of “big data”.
  • Privacy GDPR: assistance and consultancy in programmes adapting to the GDPR (audit, gap analysis, drafting of the relevant documentation; drafting of procedures and company guidelines); training activities/workshops adapted to the specific needs of the company. Pavia e Ansaldo, moreover, has set up a GDPR lab and has organized numerous events and meetings on this topic.
  • Environmental law and safety: specialized assistance in all legal issues related to environmental safety and public health under different civil, administrative and criminal aspects.

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