Working to the highest professional and ethical standards and being committed to improving the society in which we live are an integral part of our work.

We are dedicated to pro bono legal assistance and to services to the community. We support non-profit organizations and corporations and reputable foundations in their work for various charitable causes. Many of our staff are personally involved in socially useful programmes, holding office in institutions and public service organizations, offering pro bono advice and taking part in volunteer projects.

We promote a work environment where merit is rewarded and where differences in ethnic origin, religion, gender, culture, and ability are a cultural and human asset and provide added value to the services we offer our clients.

The selection of our staff is based exclusively on their competence and passion. We support the professional development of our women colleagues by making it easier for them to reconcile career, motherhood and family. A positive balance between work and personal life is something we hold important for all our staff and the quality of life in the work environment has always been a feature we care about a lot.