Artificial Intelligence in financial Services

Stefano Stinchi


Director Financial Sector Microsoft Italia.


Stefano Stinchi is working since more than 29 years in the IT sector. He spent his working career with two big multinational corporations (IBM and Microsoft) always bridging large customers with advanced technology in Italy and across the world. In his working experience he has covered Development, AI, Cloud in different geographical regions learning technology adoption from cross culture experience. Actually he is working in Microsoft as responsible for the Financial Services industry.



VIDEOArtificial Intelligence in Financial Services




FINTECH – The use of Artificial Intelligence in financial services is, without any doubt, a revolutionary change affecting the sector, which must be perceived and understood in the ways by which it is applied within the relationships between banks and costumers.


The first important message which, in my opinion, should be shared about Artificial Intelligence is that it is not a vertical solution that solves only certain problems, but a platform with ubiquitous effects on every business sector.


By way of example, Artificial Intelligence is utilized to manage conversations with costumers and to give them personalized solutions: costumers are, indeed, perceiving banks less and less as “supermarkets” in which they just enter and ask for financial products, thus banks should be entering more and more in costumers’ lives. To guarantee full levels of permeation, Artificial Intelligence is paramount in understanding costumers’ desires and the benefits they can gain from certain solutions.


As such, Artificial Intelligence is a platform that should be utilized to manage every relationship of banks with their customers. This full digitalization can be expressed in various ways: there are banks, for example, that utilize instruments of facial recognition to allow withdrawals from ATMs, or banks that use Artificial Intelligence processes to determine the kind of risks costumers might be subject to. Artificial Intelligence is used as a platform to cover all data held by financial institutions and is employed, in an appropriate manner, to enter in the digital life of each costumer.